Black Swan

Nathalie Portman

It’s the talk of the month!
The new movie “Black Swan”  is a must see movie.
Nathalie Portman delivers an impressive performance and deserves to win an Oscar for her role in this outstanding and yet a little “cliché” movie.

Le film dont tout le monde parle!
Le nouveau film «Black Swan» est le film à voir en ce moment .
Nathalie Portman offre une performance impressionnante et crédible. Elle mérite de gagner l’Oscar de la meilleure actrice pour son rôle dans ce remarquable film, qui est néanmoins un peu caricatural sur le monde de la danse.



Controlling Body Temperature / Contrôler la température du Corps

The winter months and their cold temperatures should not provide an excuse not to exercise. In addition to helping to improve cardiovascular conditioning, burn calories, and lose weight, exercise during this period can improve overall health. It has been shown that regular exercise can decrease the incidence of common illnesses, such as colds. It has also known that exercise improves mental health, boost energy, and reduce depression.

It is important to wear layers while practicing exercises during winter to be able to adjust to changing body temperature. It is recommended that a combination of three layers is optimal to control heat loss.

Les mois froids de l’hiver ne devraient pas vous procurer une excuse pour ne pas continuer vos exercices réguliers. En plus d’améliorer votre capacité cardio-vasculaire, de brûler des calories, de perdre du poids, faire de l’exercice physique pendant l’hiver  améliore la santé comme réduire les rhumes, réduire les dépressions et redonner de l’énergie.

Pendant l’hiver il est important de porter plusieurs couches de vêtements pour pouvoir ajuster votre température du corps. Il est recommandé que trois couches sont idéales pour contrôler la perte de chaleur.


Happy New Year

Bonjour everybody and happy new year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded with family and friends.
I have a new set of resolutions for all of us which I’ll post every month to help you enrich your life.

Let’s start with
January:Integrate music in your life. A night at the opera, an afternoon at a sunday classical concert or even a moment in your house sitting by the fireplace listening to your favorite music piece will fulfill your soul.


Summer Dance Camp in L.A / Stage de Danse à Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Here we are, summer has arrived and it’s hot, hot, hot!
Want to stay in shape ?
Join me in Los Angeles, California during the summer dance camp at “Michelle Langley Dance School”
See you there!

L’été est bien là !
Nos petites tenues le prouvent…
Envie de garder la forme ? En vacances aux USA ?
Alors rejoignez-moi à Los Angeles, à l’occasion d’ un stage de danse intensif  au centre “Michelle Langley Danse School”
A bientôt dans “La cité des Anges”

More info on

Mothers Day Dance

Mothers day is a great time to remember the importance of our mothers and what they have given us.
Often, our mothers were dancers before they had us. Body By Ballet strives to bring back the dancer in all of us no matter what age you are.
Cathy and Mélina are two Body by Ballet followers who take classes together sharing the same passion.
Happy Mothers Day!

Cathy & Mélina illustrating their passion

La fête des mères est un bon moment pour se rappeler ce que nos mères nous ont transmis.
La passion de la danse comme ici Cathy et Mélina qui prennent ensemble des cours
Joyeuse Fête des Mères !

Filming season with a Ballet touch!

Kate Moss to dance a duet with Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of ballet’s greatest stars.

The famous model will star in a short film on a duet with Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the great ballet dancers of the modern era.
She has been taking private ballet lessons and according to various sources “It will be a movie made for them”.
Moss is set to start a three-month long shooting, and will begin filming in July in Marseille in the south of France
The movie’s working title “Baryshnimoss” will be directed by Michael Clark.
Bravo Kate this is not an easy job!

Kate Moss va tourner avec Mikhail Barishnikov !
La célèbre top model va se mettre à la danse classique pour tourner un court métrage
mis en scène par Michael Clark.
Le tournage de “Baryshnimoss” (titre provisoire) devrait commencer à partir de juillet dans la région de Marseille.

Kate Moss

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Back stretch exercise / Etirements pour soulager votre dos

Here is a back stretch who can be done anytime , anywhere as often as you feel like doing it.
Remember that back injuries can often be prevented by performing daily stretches.

Etirement pour soulager votre dos pouvant être effectué quand vous le désirez.
Veillez à réaliser un déroulement lent de la colonne vertébrale.